Why texting is dangerous at traffic lights
Roadmonitoroz - Why texting is dangerous at traffic lights

This happens more often than you think. I've witnessed it. I've seen people with crushed legs between 2 vehicles because the driver was too busy looking at their phone as the pedestrian was crossing the road. What if the vehicle you roll into is a cyclist or motorcycle rider ? I personally have been rear ended and knocked off my bike by a 4wd at a stop sign. She somehow didn't see me right in front of her.

It's the classic scenario.. You are in the straight ahead lane and the turn lane next to you gets an arrow. They start going and so do you.. Straight through the red light and into the cars turning right on the other side of the intersection or into pedestrians crossing the road on the other side of the intersection. This has happened so many times its not funny. NOTE: This also happens the other way around.

You are so busy looking at your phone that you don't notice the truck bearing down on you from behind or out of control heading straight for your vehicle. I personally have seen this at a set of traffic lights. I had been stopped for a couple of seconds already and looked in my rear view mirror only to see a semi trailer coming up fast. He was fully locked up with smoke coming off the trailer tyres heading for me. Thankfully I had about a car length in front of me so I had 2 choices. I could either (a) move my car forwards and put my bumper 1 inch from the car in front to give him that extra car length of braking or (b) get out of my vehicle and get away from the danger. I chose to move my car forwards to 1 inch from the other guys bumper and the truck used every inch I had given and ended up stopping about 2 inches from my bumper. Of course after moving really close to that car I continued watching my rear mirror and was ready to jump out of the car and run if the truck never stopped. If I had been texting I would have never noticed and that truck would have slammed me hard giving me whiplash. Remember, you can never trust the drivers around you will be doing the right thing.

You miss going when the lights turn green. Apart from this being annoying to the vehicles behind you and making others miss the light it is also dangerous.

Some drivers behind you will see the green and start accelerating expecting you to go. A good example of this is trucks as they are slow off the mark. The truck driver will start off in low gear and usually be almost in 2nd gear before he's traveled 1 metre.

I have seen vehicles still sitting at a green light after 4 seconds. At 60 kph a vehicle is traveling at 16.6 metres / second. After 4 seconds he's traveled about 66 metres. If a vehicle is doing 60 kph and comes around a bend and there is a stationary vehicle there this can cause an accident.
Apart from this it increases the chance of a crash from vehicles trying to drive around the stationary car that is busy texting

Most texters will continue texting as they take off from the lights. They've got to finish that important text and only have about 5 words to go. I have seen crashes due to this . In 1 crash the guy was texting from the lights turning green all the way until he hit the light post. He didn't even brake until the point of impact. Thankfully the light post absorbed the crash otherwise the driver would have run over a pedestrian that was next to the post at the time.
Do you really think something would be made illegal for no reason ?

The reason it is illegal is simply because it is dangerous to operate your mobile phone whilst driving as it distracts you from the task of driving and your surroundings.

Ask a police officer or ambulance driver about the phone related accidents they've had to attend.